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Certified Wealth Management Advisor


  • Assess your Financial Situation
  • Create a Plan for (early) Retirement
  • Invest in Real Estate and Build Generational Wealth



  • Looking to Refinance Your Home?
  • Take Equity Take Out
  • Purchase another Property
  • Invest in Real Estate for your Retirement


  • Invest in Private Mortgages
  • Higher Profits & Returns (ROI)
  • Your Working Capital Secured for Retirement

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Are you considering investing in real estate to build a Nest Egg? Or, are you looking to create Legacy, a strong financial foundation for your children? Do you want to have assets that work to provide you with steady Income so that you can live your life to its fullest? Or, do you simply want to have a financial structure in place that will allow you to achieve Financial Independence?

We are only on this earth for a limited amount of time so why not spend it doing the things you love, with the peace of mind knowing that by investing in real estate you can ensure that you can make a difference in the lives of your families and children?

Well, rather than thinking about it, why not stop making excuses and just start doing it?

If these are questions that you have been pondering then we can help. First and foremost we are investors. We have many years of active hands-on real estate investing experience.

Connect with us to find out more how you can “Retire Early With Real Estate” at (416) 358 9686

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  • Take Advantage of Laure’s 15 years combined in Sales & Marketing, Business development & Negotiation, Relationships Building and Real Estate Investing.

  • Take Charge of your Retirement Plan and Wealth Foundation System by adding Real Estate to your Investment Portfolio.

  • Exploring Real Estate Investments

    • Income properties (for Cash flow)
    • Investing in Private mortgages (Become a Money Lender)
    • MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporation)
    • Pre-Construction


By working with us and our professional team, you will benefit in many ways:

  • Higher Return on your Money

  • Consulting on your different investments options available in the Real estate Investing field.

  • No Uncertainties and costly Mistakes in the Due Diligence stages.

  • In the end, Profitable Investments added to your Investment Portfolio

  • Asset Protection using Corporate Structures.

Cash Flow = Personal Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is defined as the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work, or rely
on anyone else for money. You become truly financially free when your passive income or cash flow exceeds your expenses.

T. Harv Eker

Financial Freedom is defined as the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work, or rely
on anyone else for money. You become truly financially free when your passive income or cash flow exceeds your expenses.

T. Harv Eker



Buying my first investment property was overwhelming. But Laure’s insights & direction gave me the confidence about my purchase and made me avoid costly real estate mistakes.

GeorgetteToronto, Ontario.

Thank you Laure! With a few phone calls and e-mails you have given me hope and shown me how to reclaim my financial life back. I am filled with optimism for my future. I have shared your contact info with several other women already : ) thank you so very much!

ShannonNiagara Falls, Ontario.
Mark Kerwin

Laure presents the business model of the future, today. She is fun, engaging, energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and able to turn social networks into real business opportunities. I always enjoy Laure’s events and programs and highly recommend anyone to work with her in real estate and other business programs.

Mark KerwinSupply Chain National Accounts Manager & Investor , Toronto
Donal Ward-McCarthy

I worked with Laure to help her buy a home / investment property in Toronto in late 2010. She has a great ability to see past many obstacles and create positives where most people see negatives. Extremely self motivated and gets the job done. I’ve since seen the home which she has turned around and has it 100% cleaned up and rented since February when she closed. A truly reliable and capable investor!

Donal Ward-McCarthyReal Estate Investor and Realtor , Toronto
Rose Cathy HANDY

Laure was one of the best employees I have ever hired 12 years ago. A great pleasure to work with, adaptable, creative, and always trying to go one step further. I am very proud of her and the successful entrepreneur she is today.

Rose Cathy HANDYPresident at Bilinguallink , Toronto

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.

Suze Orman

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✔ Laure Ampilhac ╚► Helping Canadians RETIRE EARLY WITH REAL ESTATE ★ Leveraging home equity ★ RRSP ★ Designing Early Retirement Plans

As a Wealth Manager and Real Estate Investment Consultant

I help people take stock of their savings, pension, investments and available home equity (net worth). The rate of return of each current investment they hold, registered or not, is assessed. Taking this into account, the yearly yield is calculated.

With 42% of Canadians in possession of a paid-off home that does not produce an investment income, this is where I come in to help them realize the benefits of refinancing their home.

We craft a new design and apply a retirement income plan with an effective investment strategy that incorporate their current locked investments with new acquisitions. (pre-construction townhomes, rental properties) or investment vehicles (private mortgages, MIC, real estate funds and more) These are in accordance to the unique individual current AND future cash flow needs of a household. They are left with a clear, client friendly, easily updatable compilation of diversified investments with no-hidden-fee (in excel).

Bonus: I also review their insurance coverage together: Property insurance, life insurance to ensure it fits their new liability, Health insurance (extended health care benefits: the Health Spending Accounts for families and Business owners). Their will and other asset protection matters are also included in the discussion.

This is a comprehensive consultation.

Key Accomplishments:
★ Helped a couple of teachers get an exception and refinance their principal residence. $250,000 in Equity Take Out at 2.84% (maximum ETO is $200,000 with most lenders). Cash available to invest in real estate for retirement.
★ Created a new investment income plan that generates $63,000 a year at retirement (including the teachers pension), and is currently generating $37,000 a year of income that was not in existence prior to refinancing their principal residence.

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MORTGAGE PAGE: As a mortgage agent, I specialize in non-standard situations:

» Bank Turn Downs
» Self-Employed
» Company Owner
» Entrepreneurs
» Small business owners
» Freelance professionals
» Investors purchasing 2nd, 3rd, 4th properties
» Damaged credit
» New Immigrants
» Debt Consolidation
» Tax Arrears
» Power of Sale

Key Accomplishments:
★ Totaling $900,000 in mortgage loans, helped a working couple refinance their condo townhouse and close the purchase of their first 3 bed-house at Corso Italia.
★ Helped a young couple with a bridge loan close on their second home. Managed to get an exception from a A-lender for the spouse who was in a 6 month job probation at a school board.
★ Helped a nurse avoid a power of sale from a major bank thanks to a private second mortgage.
★ Helped a massage therapist (BFS) get a 1-year B-mortgage for her residence with an open building permit (basement completely demolished)
★ Helped a couple of teachers get an exception and refinance their principal residence. $250,000 in Equity Take Out at 2.84% (maximum ETO is $200,000 with most lenders). Cash is invested in real estate to increase their retirement income.
★ Helped a divorced applicant out of a consumer proposal (since 9 months) with a 546 credit score get a B-rate mortgage at 3.94% for his home purchase.
★ Helped a self-employed home owner with an online marketing business refinance his $900,000 house ($760,000 mortgage at 3.59%).
★ Helped a property owner refinance his 12-unit apartment building with a commercial mortgage in Hamilton.
★ Helped a real estate investor/flipper get a 85% LTV private mortgage at 8% for his $700,000 purchase in Richmond Hill.

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